Whether Joomla! or Wordpress - the time after the launch of the website is the start of the long run for a good position in the search engine rankings: Are there constant content changes? Do the contents fit the questions of visitors? To stay active it is important, that the use of the interface is comfortable for you.

The success of your web page is depending on easy handling of the often used requirements. We train you using the possibilities of the CMS as you need it in daily life. Part of the training is a documentation, a handout with the needed logins and mostly important steps. Part of our service is beeing prepared to your first experiences and give a hand after the training. According to your needs you want to insert events, change products or prices or announce news.

Structuring the system adapted to your needs is our focus from the beginning of the project. We make the use uncomplicated, so you can concentrate on the contents.

Start to use your page - we train and support you.