Classical HTML-Coded Websites

There won't be much change on your website? You do not need user interaction like user accounts, shopping possibilities and forum?
Then it might be a good idea to use a classical coded website.

The advantage is, that you save the cost of maintaining the site - on all content management systems like Joomla! or Wordpress etc. you have to take care to use the latest version - otherwise it could be target to hackers.
You need only a small package of the provider to put your website to stage.

On the other hand: the code of the website does not have to be limited - many functionalities are meanwhile an intrinsic part of HTML an CSS. And in a static page you can as well include javascript frameworks - this could be a good idea, if you want to use image slideshows etc.

But you don't need a content management system just to show who you are, how you can be contacted and where's your location.

And if later on you want a progress of your presentation, you can use the styles and looks developed in the new context as well.

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